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We have had so many enquiries over the past week or so asking what you can expect on the newly formed Red Door OnlyFans account. We have been cheekily saying “why don’t you subscribe and find out!”… but we do understand the hesitation some of you may have, so we thought we would write a little about what we are uploading so you can get an understanding before taking the plunge!

OnlyFans is a content subscription site. It hosts a variety of content from many different types of creators (not just adult content!).

Since we had so many requests from clients and a few of the girls we work with have their own accounts, we decided to take the plunge and offer this to our clients near and far while we can’t be physically open in Fyshwick. This is the only way to get access to the Red Door Girls currently as we are closed due to Covid-19 government restrictions.

Many of your favourite Red Door ladies have found a new-found passion for getting naked on the internet. We actually didn’t think it would take off quite as well as it has to be honest! Unlike other OnlyFans accounts, you get a variety of providers on our feed for one subscription fee which makes us unique!

Reasons for signing up to our OnlyFans –

  • Daily updates of never before seen photos and videos of the RD girls

  • Content too explicit for our website and social media (we are restricted as to what we can show here)

  • Custom photo and video requests available

  • Face-out content of blurred RD girls

  • Behind the scenes view of Canberra’s only erotic massage studio

  • All messages replied to by Donna & Kennedy

  • All tips on provider-made content goes directly to the RD girl

  • Showing your support for the Red Door team while we can’t be together in person, and get a little something in return *wink wink*

So far we have posted –

  • Unseen photos from professional shoots

  • Unedited photos from in-house professional shoots

  • Unseen doubles photos

  • Candid nude and explicit shots

  • Candid nude videos

  • Full face photographs of ladies who are usually blurred on the website

All of the content posted is in line with what we do at Red Door, just a little bit naughtier. We know so many of our clients choose to come into Red Door because we don’t provide full service, and we want to keep any content we produce in line with this. We are ensuring that all content is curated and of high quality before it goes on our feed.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much is a subscription?

Currently the lowest subscription price is $5USD for 30 days, meaning you can try us and see if you like us (*hint* I think you will – feedback has been great so far!). Our regular price will be $9.99USD a month, however we will always offer considerable discounts for bulk month subscriptions.

Is it anonymous to sign up?

Yes! You can use an unidentifiable username and we won’t have any of your details. But please don’t be shy if you know us and let us know who you are if you like as are are loving getting to know our clients on this new medium!

Will XYZ girl be featured on your OnlyFans?

While we cannot guarantee that any of our ladies will be featured in the future we currently have more ladies jumping in and having their content added… the more subscribers we get the more likely others will want to get in on the action!

How to I subscribe? Do I need a card? Can I unsubscribe at anytime?

You need an email address and password to create an account (like we said before your username can be anonymous) and a card to then subscribe to any feed (yes! our amazing RD Girls have their own feeds you should check out too). You are then able to unsubscribe at any time, so really what have you got to lose?!


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