The ultimate FAQ guide for erotic massage first-timers, curious clients, inquisitive couples, pleasure-seeking women, lustful kinksters & those who need all the information.

We know how daunting booking your first erotic massage can be, so we hope to make the process as welcoming and painless for you as possible. If you have any other questions that aren’t answered here please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you!

For First Timers

Erotic massage (otherwise known as nude massage, full body massage, body to body massage, happy ending massage or a rub and tug) is basically like a "regular massage" but with a few added bonuses...


Erotic massage is more than just about the end point, but also the tease and please it takes to get you there! Your nude masseuse will let you lie back and relax, oiling you and herself up, before giving you an incredibly arousing full body massage, sensual bodyslides, allowing you to touch and caress her body gently before her skilful hands guide you to an explosive release.


Erotic massage is an alternative to "full service" (sex) however we like to think it is a little bit more complex than that! We see erotic massage as a skilled and stand-alone service in the adult entertainment industry. Our clients are drawn to erotic massage for so many reasons - those who do not want to participate in full service, cannot physically participate in full service, those wanting to simply be pampered and relax, and those who just like to mix it up.

We understand how nerve wracking the idea of taking the plunge must be!

We have written a guide for first timers to help alleviate nerves and hopefully answer any questions you may have before visiting us. It is too long for this FAQ so we encourage you to go over to our blog and give it read.

Yes, and yes!


While we don't consider ourselves to be a "brothel" in the traditional sense, we hold a brothel licence from the ACT Government. This gives you the peace of mind that not only are we a legally operating business, but we adhere to the health and safety requirements of that licence.


Regarding your safety, all of our staff - providers, receptionists and management are safe sex educated and savvy. We perform health checks at the beginning of each booking, as is legally required. While we don't do full service - all oral and penetrative services must be done using prophylactics, including condoms, dental dams and gloves.


Similarly for your peace of mind (if the above isn't enough to convince you), studies have shown that sex workers have a lower rate of STI's than the general population and erotic massage is a low-risk activity to participate in.

Yes, of course. Our only requirement is that you are polite and respectful to both our reception staff and Red Door Girls.


We accept clients from all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, religions, sexualities, identities and pride ourselves on being inclusive. Our clients range in age from 18 (the minimum age you need to be to enter Red Door) to any age so please never feel you are too old to treat yourself.


We are accepting of all shapes and sizes and we can assure you that our ladies never judge a book by its cover. You will always find a safe place with us, and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.


Our aim is to make your visit as discreet as possible. Discretion is absolutely something we pride ourselves on. All information gathered for our newsletter, subscriptions or during the booking process will not be shared with third parties. Our reception staff understand how important discretion is, and your secrets are always safe with us.

We have private intro rooms, meaning you don't need to mingle in a public area like other establishments. This gives you the opportunity to meet our Red Door Girls in a relaxing and personable setting.

We make all attempts to ensure that when you are in the building we minimise the risk of you running into other clients, visitors and other ladies. We have strict protocols in place to support this.

While we don't have private parking for our regular visitors, parking at the back of the building is available to our VIP members.

If you are at all concerned about your privacy, please don't hesitate to get in contact and discuss, we are here to reassure you.

As mentioned in the above section about erotic massage we believe that our incredible experience is unique and stands alone in the industry.


We understand that not everyone wishes to participate in full service and enjoy filling this niche market in Canberra. We are the only dedicated erotic massage studio in Canberra.


The erotic massage experience is tantalising, sensual, teasing, sexual, relaxing and allows our ladies to truly pamper you. Let yourself relax and simply enjoy what we have to offer.

We honestly don't expect you to bring anything with you other than great manners, and a way to pay for your booking.


You will get bonus points with you lady for good hygiene and a respectful attitude. We don't have any expectations regarding grooming, however smelling great whether its when you arrive or after the shower at the beginning of the booking is definitely appreciated (and you will be rewarded by your Red Door Girl of choice!).

We believe that our prices are in line with industry standards. We believe in that age-old saying that you "pay for what you get". Our parlour is ethical and all of our ladies are here by choice.


We have the most incredible selection of ladies in Canberra to choose from, who genuinely love what they do and we provide them with five star surroundings to match.


While other establishments may seem appealing at lower prices for "more services", we consider our service absolutely outshines everyone and is worth the money. We encourage you to come in and find out for yourself!

Yes! All of the official photos of the Red Door Girls are taken in-house by our amazing photographer, Evelyn Hunt. We like to keep them recent and up-to-date, ensuring that the girls on the website are the ones you will meet in person. In fact, our clients often remark that the photos don't do our ladies justice and they are even more stunning in person! You are more than welcome to come in and see for yourself...


Many of our ladies have social media accounts with candid selfies available for your viewing pleasure, and some even have a "candids" section on their profiles for a collection of raw and unedited self-portraits.


No, we don't sorry. Our Fyshwick studio is so luxurious, why would we leave it?


We are conveniently located about 15 minutes from the city by car (or taxi, uber, etc) so getting to us shouldn't be too much trouble. Please don't hesitate to give our reception staff a call on 0411 717 192 if you get lost or need directions.

While we recommend making a booking if you have a particular Red Door Girl in mind, or a specific time frame you'd like to come in, you are more than welcome to just come in and meet whoever is available. With so many gorgeous women to choose from we don't blame you for wanting to meet them all! We often get quite busy though, so cannot guarantee that there will be anyone available unless you have a booking.


In the post-COVID-19 world bookings are encouraged to reduce the amount of unnecessary contact. We know how difficult this can be as erotic massage is quite a personal service, so we absolutely understand the desire to still meet the available Red Door Door girls and make your selection.

The easiest way to make a booking is to fill out our Booking Request form at the bottom of the roster page By filling out all the questions you'll be giving us most of the information we need to book you right in, pending availability, saving you the need to answer multiple emails about date, time, duration, etc. Alternatively, each Red Door Girl's profile has a simpler booking request form which gets the ball rolling on your desired session.


You can also email us at for any booking enquiries or simply give our friendly reception staff a call on 0411 717 192 for a last-minute booking request.


Any personal information gathered will only be used to schedule a booking at Red Door Canberra. We will never contact you for any other purpose, nor will your details be revealed to any third parties.

We open at midday Tuesday to Sunday (and are closed on Mondays). Sunday and Tuesday to Thursday we close at midnight, and Friday & Saturdays we are a little more flexible with our closing times depending on bookings and demand. Most Fridays and Saturdays we will be open till 1am, but can stay open later with prior arrangement. Just give us a call!


Our ladies are often happy to stay back an hour after their shift ends, but this is subject to availability (and time! if you show up at 2am, a two hour booking may be pushing it). That said; kindness, respect and understanding go a long way with us. You'll find that the nicer you are to all staff members the more willing they will be to stay back for you.

No, absolutely not. We don't take offence at this, and you shouldn't feel awkward being honest and asking to leave.


We value your time and money, and would prefer for you to spend time with someone we know you will have an incredible booking with. We understand there are so many factors that go into finding the right chemistry and know that this isn't always going to happen every time.


Having said that, we encourage you to have a chat with the receptionist who is on and let us know what you may be after - we know our Red Door Girls really well and actually enjoy giving you the perfect recommendation. Similarly, please don't hesitate to ask our receptionist upfront if there is something particular you are after (whether that is based on physical attributes, services or personality), in person, via email or over the phone. We always endeavour to find the perfect fit for you!

Payment, Extras & Etiquette

We accept cash, debit cards and credit cards. AMEX transactions incur a 2.5% processing fee.


Card transactions made at Red Door Canberra will show up on your bank statement with a discreet and nondescript business name for your financial privacy.

The "extras" are additional services on top of our erotic massages. They are designed to spice up the already-amazing classic service, but are by no means required to have an incredible time. The classic service includes nude erotic massage, front & back body slides, caressing your masseuse and hand relief - these are often more than enough for some people! We provide an extras list as a way to customise your experience, not everyone wants the same extras so we've left it up to you to choose.


Extras are provided at the discretion of each Red Door Girl so it wouldn't be fair to include the extras in our classic service as not every erotic masseuse provides them all.


If you have a particular service in mind please don't hesitate to get in touch to find out who provides it!

No, sorry! The amount you pay for the classic erotic massage is for the time you spend with a gorgeous woman, rather than services performed. If you weren't too interested in an erotic massage, we would suggest a Short-on-Time booking. This short and sweet (or quick and dirty) booking is perfect for those who don't need or want much time, and would prefer to get straight down to business - just add your chosen extras for the best fifteen minutes of your day!

Absolutely! If you're a member of our RDC VIP program you get $10 off every booking 30 minutes and over (and $50 off a booking for your birthday). Our OnlyFans subscribers also get a cheeky discount, as a thank you for their ongoing support of our... "arts". These are in addition to private promotions we regularly run, we'd recommend signing up to our discreet newsletter or getting in touch for more information.


While we're on the subject, asking for a discount is considered bad manners. Please save yourself the embarrassment of asking.

Our Red Door Girls choose their own shifts, often a month in advance, and love the flexibility this job allows them. They all have lives and other commitments to juggle outside of Red Door. We would never call one of our ladies to ask her to come in on her day off, but we are always more than happy to let her know that she has been requested on a specific day/night with enough notice. If it aligns with her schedule (and the roster is not already full), you might just get lucky... you never know unless you ask!

That is a firm no, sorry. Our Red Door Girls choose to work with us to avoid having to organise their own bookings and advertising, as well as to ensure the protection of their private lives. They prefer to keep the intimacy within our rooms, unspoiled by the outside world.


Please don't ask for private contact details. It's the quickest way to turn an amazing booking into an awkward encounter.

Kink, Fetish & Other Things

Simply put yes. However of course we are not a professional dungeon by any means so particular services may be unavailable. We are always happy to discuss options with you, and most simple requests can easily be catered to. Of course with other extras most BDSM and fetish bookings attract an extra charge.


We are absolutely happy to take requests and find out if one of our amazing Red Door Girls is happy to fulfil your fantasy. On each of our Red Door Girls profiles we list whether they are fetish friendly, however of course they all have their own boundaries and interests.

Believe us when we say that we have probably heard it all, or even done it ourselves before!


We understand how daunting telling a stranger about your specific request may be, however we can guarantee that you will have a better time not only finding the right person to fulfil your fantasy, but having the details ironed out prior to your booking.


In a perfect world our recommendation would be to send reception a detailed email of what you are after. We promise we are not judgemental (and you might even find some of our receptionists share your interests!). This will allow us to give a detailed response regarding ideas and options.


If you feel like this isn't an option you are more than welcome to book a regular massage with the Red Door Girl you have your eye on and discuss it during a time together in the future. However there are no guarantees that she may be open to your requests as each individual has their likes, dislikes and boundaries.

Of course, outfit requests and fantasy bookings are off-menu extras that many of our ladies love to provide!


Please get in contact with our open-minded receptionists who will be more than happy to ask your chosen Red Door Girl for you.

Absolutely! Many of the Red Door Girls are genuinely bisexual and love the company of women and couples, this is usually noted on their profile. We have a couples FAQ section on the services page that answers a lot of questions regarding couples bookings.


If you'd like to make an enquiry, or would like a suggestion on who would be a great fit for you and your partner, please get in touch with our friendly reception staff. We would love to help you realise your threesome fantasy!


Please note that while surprises are sexy, consent is necessary. All partners should be aware, consenting and excited about an upcoming couples booking.

Short answer no. Long answer highly unlikely but maybe. You never know unless you ask!

We sure do! Many of our Red Door Girls are genuinely bisexual and absolutely love seeing women. Whether you are curiously seeking your first sexual experience with another woman, are just seeking a little sensual relaxation or are a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, we would be thrilled to have you visit us.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reception staff if you have any enquiries or would like an erotic masseuse suggestion.

Not at the moment! While we have considered hiring a male masseur, we don't really have the demand for it right now, nor have we found the right fit. The idea isn't completely off the (massage) table though...

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