We are currently hiring!

If you have applied with us before and we haven’t got back to you or we haven’t had space on our roster for you please don’t hesitate to reapply. We currently have more clients than we can take and are urgently searching for new team members!

Red Door Canberra is Canberra’s only erotic massage parlour. We welcome ladies of all experience levels and consider applications from experienced providers as well as ladies who have never worked in the industry before. 

If you have considered sugar babying, camming, escorting or stripping you should consider erotic massage! It is an easy and safe way to get into the industry.

There are so many advantages for choosing to work with us rather than other establishments; these are –

Our team is fun, amazing, supportive, friendly and diverse. We encourage individuality and value honesty, reliability and personality over physical traits so please don’t hesitate to apply if you have been considering it, even if you are unsure. We welcome you to come in for a no obligation chat with a member of our female management team – we understand how daunting the thought of joining the industry can be and are glad to guide you through any questions you may have.

To apply please fill out the form below or send an email to jobs@reddoorcanberra.com

If emailing, please make sure you include a brief description of yourself (please include your age and a physical description), your personality, reasons for wanting to join us and your availability. We do prioritise applications with photos (clothed or lingerie please – no nudes!), however we understand that for privacy reasons you may wish to make initial contact with us first. Please note that while we are kink friendly, BDSM experience is not what we are looking for so please don’t mention it in your application.

If you have specific questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give reception a call on 0411717192 or send us a text.

Apply to become our next RD Team Member

No! This absolutely is a misconception. We have been informed by women who have joined our team from elsewhere that they make as much money/if not more money working at Red Door, without providing full service.


We are a busy parlour with fantastic, generous clientele. Our splits are generous and clients more often than not get extras which are yours to keep.

Just like any other job in this industry this depends on you! Our clients love a huge variety of ladies and personality/sparkle plays a huge part in how well each service provider does. Some of our masseuses are booked out for a full shift before they enter the building.


You can expect to make anywhere from $200 - $1000 per shift (a shift is between 6-8 hours). Of course like any other venues we have busy days/weeks/periods and quiet days/weeks/periods - it is the nature of the industry.


Don't be fooled by promises of quick money! While the industry can be incredibly lucrative often these promises are false and we prefer to take a realistic and stable approach to making you money. Parlours often lure you in with the promises of luxury items, holidays and repayment of debts. While we say you will earn just as much, if not more with us in Canberra currently we prefer to not use such marketing tactics to lure you in.

To put it simply, we are different to everywhere else. There is a reason so many of our ladies move away and continue to come back for work whenever they are able. We are a friendly, happy and tight-knit team. We don't tolerate any bitching or toxic behaviour and our ladies get along well as a group. We get the feedback constantly that we are the best place to work in Australia because of this.


We also don't offer full service at all - so if you are starting our this is a really low-risk and safe environment to start your journey into the adult industry. We are the only erotic massage parlour in Canberra.


We also have no late/middle of the night shifts, as our clientele aren't party-types. We cater to a range of ages and personalities, however our clients are usually well-off and respectful gentlemen and couples.

Unlike other parlours making this claim, we are completely female owned and managed. We currently have a small team of five managers/receptionists - all of which are female. Four of our receptionists work or have worked in the industry, meaning we have first hand experience and knowledge. We believe this makes us better and more empathetic managers.

We do require everyone to offer the first four extras on our list - Spanish, come twice, shower together and spa. However other extras are entirely up to you! You are welcome to start slow and add to what you offer over time.


Of course the more extras you offer, the more earning potential you have. However we have many of our ladies who do very well offering minimal extras.

We are flexible with the number of shifts you want to provide - however we generally would accept applicants willing to do a minimum of one shift a week. We understand that life is complicated so are more than happy to do week on/week off rostering also. We are generally willing to work with you to make it work for both of us!


We do often have rostering recommendations, however these are only so that you reach your maximum earning potential on a shift. We try to avoid having 4 blondes, or 4 curvy ladies on a shift together as we think this eats into everyone's potential to attract diverse clientele.


We are happy to be flexible with hours for the right applicants, however we generally expect that our shifts can fit around other life commitments. Our shifts are from 11.30am - 6pm, and then  5.30pm to around midnight or slightly later.

Yes! Absolutely. We NEVER throw new ladies in the deep end. Please note some parlours say the offer training and work at your pace, however, this turns out to be false and they provide you with minimal training and put you straight out onto the floor. We have received a huge amount of feedback on this topic and know how scary it can be. We promise to never do this. Our training has no obligation attached and you are welcome to stop at any time.


We provide training on:

  • expectations
  • safety and health checks
  • how to do a job and extras (our female managers will show you often with another worker) which is fully clothed and safe
  • how to do an intro/meet and greet with a client

We believe this lets you be fully prepared to take on your first client confidently and safely.

Yes, absolutely.


We understand how daunting the process of getting started (or even changing locations) in the adult industry can be. We are forgiving and reasonable, so reach out and get in touch and we can set up another time to come in for a chat.


If we haven't said yes to you previously that doesn't mean we won't say yes now. We often won't hire someone too similar to others currently on our team, as this is changing constantly feel free to reapply.


We are also willing to give feedback on what you could do to be successful a second time around so if you are willing to take on feedback please reach out and we can let you know.

We endeavour to get back to all applications within 48 hours. If you haven’t heard from a management team member within that time please give us a call or send us an email at jobs@reddoorcanberra.com.

We look forward to getting in touch and meeting you soon! x

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