It’s Official! We’re back in business baby!

As you probably know, we’ve been pretty cautious with announcing any re-openings throughout all this but it seems like this time it’s for real (fingers crossed this doesn’t jinx it!). If everything goes to plan, we will be back to business from 12pm Tuesday 11th August. 

We have been frantically getting a roster together, which should be live by the time we post this blog. It may not seem as full as usual, but please bear with us! With the short notice we were given, a lot of our ladies already had plans and a few are taking an extra few weeks before coming back. Come September our roster will be as full and varied as ever! You may notice a few new names on the lineup too, all fabulous ladies who we know you’ll love.

As we begin the return to normalcy there’ll be a few changes to how we do things at RDHQ. We have always prioritised safety, and this has only intensified over the recent months. A few of these changes are:

  • We’ve removed kissing from the menu and will be taking steps to minimise face to face contact during bookings. Now may be your chance to experience the reverse bodyslide!
  • Two-hour sessions must be pre-booked, and we will no longer be accepting bookings for sessions longer than two hours.
  • Couples bookings must be pre-booked. Sorry couples! We love you, but we need to make sure we have room to accommodate you.
  • While bookings aren’t essential, they are very much appreciated to minimise the amount of unnecessary meetings. That said, we absolutely understand if you want to meet everyone available before making your selection rather than pre-booking! Our amazing receptionists are also happy to make a recommendation to help the process along, if you would like to minimise contact, but don’t know who to book with.
  • We can no longer facilitate group intros. As fun as it is to visit with your friends, you’ll have to intro separately to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. We’ve only got two introduction rooms, and it’s quite cold at the moment so we’d hate to make you social distance outside.
  • In accordance with COVID-19 guidelines you will be required to leave your first name and (real) phone number with us before any booking can take place. This will only be used for contact tracing if necessary. You can either use a QR code to securely register your details online, or fill out an individual personal-details slip when you arrive which will then be locked in our office. We will provide a new contact slip per visitor, to ensure your details remain our little secret. All names and phone numbers will be destroyed after the designated 28 days, and as always we promise you our discretion and complete confidentiality.
  • Our already high cleaning standards will be levelled up to include disinfecting all high-touch areas (like our doors, handrails, door bells, laminated menus, etc) after each visitor and closing Mondays to allow for a deep clean of the studio.

These new changes will take some getting used to, but we are happy to do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of our gorgeous Red Door Girls and amazing clients while doing what we love! 

Should you need some extra peace of mind (or are simply curious) our COVID Safety Plan will be available for you to view when you visit us. There will be hand sanitiser at our entrance, in intro rooms and massage rooms for your convenience, along with the usual warm shower, soap, fresh towels, etc that we’ve always provided.

It probably goes without saying but if you’re feeling unwell at all, have been to any of the COVID-19 hotspots recently, or if you should be quarantining, please stay home. As much as we would love to see you, we truly do value everyone’s health and safety over anything else.

We are spending the weekend getting everything ready to re-open on Tuesday so please email us with any booking requests rather than calling. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can! 

From everyone here at Red Door Canberra, we can’t wait to see you! Only a few sleeps away…


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