Premature Celebration

A quick (and sad) blog post for you all…

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with the news, we are incredibly disappointed to let you know that we will not be able to open tomorrow as per the previously planned easing of restrictions. With four new cases in the ACT the government has put our reopening on hold. While we are obviously sad about this development, we aren’t surprised. The situation can change so rapidly and the government hadn’t actually given us any official reopening notice until earlier this week.

At this stage the only information we have is that there will be a checkpoint to pass in two weeks time before the government will continue to ease any restrictions. As such, we don’t have any answers yet as to when you will all be able to see us in person again. We will keep you updated as the information develops of course.

To say that this latest development is a bit crushing is an understatement… we got so close and it feels cruel to have it taken away with less than 24 hours to opening time. But we understand that it is essential for now, and completely out of our hands.

For those following us on our OnlyFans the good news is the pressure is off on getting ourselves reorganised for reopening (which has left us very slack with content posts, sorry!)… so we will film some stuff early next week and pop it up for your viewing pleasure.

Kennedy and myself have been working insane hours getting the place primed and ready for reopening over the past couple of weeks. The biggest job we have been attending to has been the development of an INCREDIBLE new website which we had planned to have launched this afternoon for reopening tomorrow. 

In light of today’s news… we are going to take the afternoon off from staring at our computer screens and continue putting the final touches on it for a launch early next week. After the hours we have put in over the past fortnight we definitely deserve a break over the weekend. We are both perfectionists and while we can’t wait to unveil our project we want to take a little extra time to get it just right!

For those of you who need just a little bit more to keep you satisfied we have finally settled on some new packages to keep things fresh… but that is all I am going to tell you for now, we love to keep the mystery alive.

For now, let’s hope the age old saying is true… that distance makes the heart grow fonder. 

– Donna & Kenny xx

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